Friday, November 4, 2011

After Almost Two Years...

After almost two years the whole thing has come to an end. And although not a single minute will be forgotten at least we finally got some justice, for what it's worth. The man who did this to my nephew will be in jail for at least the next twenty years.

Click here for the actual news article.

Rest in Peace sweet Vincent. Love for you, always.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Baby Vincent

Hey baby,

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything lately. I want you to know we all still miss you down here. You'd be 3 now and talking with only few problems with all us grown-ups understanding. Sometimes I think about if you would have come to live with me. I know--impossible. Your dad never would have allowed that. He loved you to much to let you come here and stay with me. But it would have been nice, wouldn't it?

I miss you so much sometimes that I can't stand it Vince. You're the lucky one, I know that. It would be nice if you could have stayed with you just a little bit longer. Life really is too much drama but I wish you would have gotten more of a chance at it little one.

Your sister is coming here in February to stay with me for a while. She's so pretty and she looks so much like you. She doesn't sleep like you did, and she isn't quite as patient as you were, or laid back. She only wants to cuddle when SHE wants to cuddle. It reminds me of your dad and me when we were little. She's so much like me and you were so much like him. Isn't that funny? You two had almost exactly the same age difference as us too. Wish you could be here to watch out for her like your dad did for me (not always well, but I'd give him an A for effort anyway)

Have fun with the angels pumpkin and tell teed and rd hi for me. And that I miss them. Oh, don't forget to tell Teed I'm sorry... and that I have her paintings although I know how much she wanted your pops to have them. That should make here smile.

Love you chunk-a-butt!